Speaker, Advisor and Attorney

Steven Masur, with his 30 years of pioneering experience in emerging industries, is not only a skilled lawyer but also a captivating professional speaker. His expertise spans a remarkable range from blockchain and the metaverse (web3) to mobile and social media (web2), and further into the realms of internet, advertising, gaming (web1), and entertainment.

Steve’s speeches are enriched by his deep understanding and strategic insights into these sectors. When you invite Steve to speak at your event, you’re not just getting an industry expert, but a dynamic orator who brings complex concepts to life. His ability to engage audiences with thought-provoking ideas and practical wisdom makes him an ideal choice for anyone seeking to inspire and educate their audience on the forefront of technology and innovation.


Steve Masur is an exceptional choice for those seeking an articulate and engaging public speaker. Renowned for his lectures and writings on cutting-edge technologies such as AI and Web3, as well as his insights into emerging industries, startups, venture capital, international law, and the entertainment business, Steve has a talent for demystifying complex topics with clarity and plain English. His passion for storytelling and his proficiency as a moderator make his presentations not just informative, but also captivating and relatable.

Hiring Steve as a speaker guarantees an event filled with valuable insights, delivered in a way that resonates and engages every member of your audience, making complex ideas accessible and intriguing.


Steve Masur stands out as an exceptional advisor, offering unparalleled expertise and insights in cutting-edge technologies, including AI, Web3, and various emerging industries. With a rich background in startups, venture capital, international law, and the entertainment business, he is adept at translating complex concepts into actionable strategies. Steve’s engaging approach, combined with his ability to communicate complicated topics in plain English, makes him an invaluable asset to any team.

Partnering with Steve ensures not just the infusion of his vast knowledge but also the benefit of his unique storytelling ability and effective moderation skills, which can significantly elevate your project’s success. Embrace the opportunity to work with Steve and transform challenges into remarkable achievements.

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