The Art & Evaluation of NFTs: Virtual Panel Discussion at Digital Hollywood Spring (5/18/21)

On May 18th, 2021 Steven Masur moderated a virtual panel at Digital Hollywood Spring 2021 discussing the topic “The Art & Evaluation of NFT”. NFT as a significant category of “Collectable Art,” while still in an “Arguable” stage of development, has nonetheless quickly established itself as the next real thing. It is hard to argue […]

The Innovative Economy – An Online Educational Series

By: Steve Masur Are you ready to mainstream the Crypto Industry? Steve Masur is an expert on the online educational series called The Innovative Economy to discuss the legal aspects of cryptocurrency. The series will air from January 28th- February 7th. Steve is set to air on January 31st, Day 4 of the show. Sign […]

CES Digital Hollywood 2020

By: Steve Masur Join us on January 6th at the Aria Resort & Casino (9:00 AM PST) for Digital Hollywood CES 2020 to discuss the Top Technology and Entertainment Companies in AR/VR/XR. 9-10 AM January 6 Aria Resort and Casino, Level 3, Juniper 4 About the Panel: The AR/VR/XR industries might be understood as V/X […]

A2IM Indie Week CLE

By: Steve Masur On June 17th, 2019, for the 10th anniversary of A2IM Indie Week. Steve Masur moderated and produced a Continuing Learning Education (CLE) series of panels at New York Law School. A2IM Indie Week is a four-day international conference and networking event aimed at maximizing the global impact of Independent music. Indie Week […]

graphic for the 10th annual montauk music festival

Please Join Us at the Montauk Music Festival

By: Steve Masur Steve Masur spoke at the Montauk Music Festival on May 17th, 2019. The Montauk Music Festival (MMF) is a volunteer-run, grassroots live music event designed to celebrate, support, and promote the thriving Montauk music scene while showcasing and stimulating the burgeoning artistic, commercial and pedestrian activity in Montauk.  The festival would not […]

security token summit

Steve Masur at Security Token Summit in Bermuda – March 18-19

By: Steve Masur The first Blockchain Token Association (BTA) Security Token Summit was held in 2018 and started with an open invitation for those involved in the Security Token Industry to come together and make a commitment to work towards building a common framework on the issuance and trading of security tokens. Now, the BTA is grateful to the […]