The Art & Evaluation of NFTs: Virtual Panel Discussion at Digital Hollywood Spring (5/18/21)

On May 18th, 2021 Steven Masur moderated a virtual panel at Digital Hollywood Spring 2021 discussing the topic “The Art & Evaluation of NFT”.

NFT as a significant category of “Collectable Art,” while still in an “Arguable” stage of development, has nonetheless quickly established itself as the next real thing. It is hard to argue with the $69.3 Million sale at Christie’s of “Beeple’s” “EVERYDAYS.” Or the $7.5 Million for “CryptoPunk #7804” or the $6.66 Million for “CROSSROAD.” This panel includes a cutting-edge group of experts in the field of NFT Art. As a group, they have been a part of the explosion and impact of NFT Art from both the artistic and creative as well as NFT as a flourishing sector of the “Art Market.” Watch the full panel discussion on Vimeo here.


Steven Masur