Masur Griffitts trademark registration services

Streamlined Trademark Registration Services

By: Steve Masur

Developing a strong brand identity is difficult, time consuming, and costly, so protecting your trademarks, logos, and distinctive from unfair competition is key to your investment. Streamlined trademark registration services provide our clients with valuable, easy-to-understand reports evaluating trademarks, clearing potentially conflicting trademarks and efficiently preparing a federal trademark application and guide it through to registration. Our trademark team is available to answer any questions you may have.

Services include:


We will provide an evaluative report analyzing the legal strength of a proposed domestic federal trademark and potentially conflicting trademarks that could prevent registration, priced per proposed trademark (word mark or design mark/logo), regardless of the number of classes of goods and services.


We will prepare a trademark registration application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that is strategically crafted to capture the broadest exclusivity rights to your trademark and then file and shepherd the application through the grant or refusal of registration.


After registration, trademark owners have certain ongoing maintenance filings due to the USPTO in order to keep their registrations active. As your trademark attorneys of record, we monitor your portfolio of trademark registrations on our docket and prepare and file these post-registration maintenance filings at your instruction.