The AI Copyright Quandary: Originality, Creativity, and the Machine

By Lauren Mack, with the assistance of ChatGPT Questions surrounding the protectability of output produced by artificial intelligence (AI) under copyright law are becoming increasingly significant for content creators and businesses alike. The current legal framework in the United States and many other countries requires that, in order to be eligible for copyright protection, a […]

Attention ALL expats living in the U.S.: Important information for your next entry in the U.S.

By: Steve Masur All expats know and share the struggle of dealing with U.S. administrative, fiscal, and immigration-related processes and issues. Do yourself a favor and request an ink stamp in your passport during your next entry in the U.S. As an expat in the U.S., it’s important to stay informed about the latest updates […]

DAOs are the Punk Rock of Corporate Law

By Steven Masur and Lydia Amamoo There’s something new and amazing happening in corporate law. Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAOs. DAOs represent an evolution of corporate law that moves at the exponential speed of technology. What is a DAO? In its simplest form, a DAO is a self-governing group of people who control a bank […]

Corporate Formalities: Protecting Your Business’ Assets

By: Steve Masur Corporate formalities are steps that your business must take to ensure that your corporation remains legally distinct from its owners. The majority of these steps include keeping separate records for corporate activity, holding regular meetings for corporate directors, and maintaining a financial independent account for your corporation. You should be careful to observe […]

The Importance of Investor Updates

By: Gabriel Goldenberg & Natasha Harris, with comments from Steven Masur Leading angel investor Jason Calacanis’ Rule of Startups is “If your startup isn’t sending you monthly updates it’s going out of business.”  In other words, keeping your investors up to date on what you’re doing is crucial in generating investor engagement and building the […]

What to Do To Qualify For QSBS Exemption

By: Steven Masur, Tim Fisher, and Danielle Cerniello We recently analyzed whether entrepreneurs should close their LLC and open a corporation (more specifically, C-Corp) to reduce or avoid capital gains tax on the sale of their company under Section 1202 QSBS (qualified small business stock). In response, this article will take a deeper dive into […]