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Protecting Your Business from Intellectual Property Theft

By: Steven Masur Intellectual property refers to the original creations of the mind. Such creations can include inventions, artwork, product names, written works, website content, computer programs, to name a few. Unfortunately, intellectual property is often plagiarized, and can be done so in many forms. For instance, one can pass-off the ideas or words of […]

Foreign Qualification and How To Do Business in Other States

By: Steve Masur If your company plans on doing business out of the state of formation, then you must register to do so. This process is known as foreign qualification and it’s pretty straightforward, but nearly always requires filing documents and paying fees. When forming a corporation or LLC, many people are confused about the […]

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NFTs: Boon or Burden for Artists and Investors?

By: Lauren Mack and Ilana Faibish NFTs (or Non-Fungible Tokens) are the latest blockchain-based craze to take over the Internet. Memes, tweets, sports highlights, Charmin toilet paper GIFs, and yes, even quarantine flatulence recordings have been minted into NFTs and sold. But while some artists may be making millions selling NFTs, many questions still remain […]

How To Qualify For QSBS Exemption

By: Steven Masur, Tim Fisher, and Danielle Cerniello We recently analyzed whether entrepreneurs should close their LLC and open a corporation (more specifically, C-Corp) to reduce or avoid capital gains tax on the sale of their company under Section 1202 QSBS (qualified small business stock). In response, this article will take a deeper dive into […]

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The Impact of the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in New Jersey

By: Jon Avidor and Ilana Faibish On February 22, 2021, after years of failed legislative attempts, New Jersey’s Governor Phil Murphy signed three bills that together launch a marijuana industry in New Jersey and put an end to thousands of arrests. This comes after New Jersey voters approved in November with a 67% vote “New Jersey Public Question […]

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QSBS: Do I Really Have to Close My LLC and Open a Corp?

By: Steven Masur (with research and writing assistance from Maria Samson) A great many entrepreneurs who believe they may one day sell their companies have been calling to ask whether they need to close their LLC and open a corporation in order to reduce or avoid capital gains tax on the sale of their company […]