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Esports 2021: Business and Legal Issues to Watch

By: Robert Auritt 2020 was the year of the pandemic and the year that thrust esports into the limelight at a time when almost all traditional sports were ground to a halt.  As such, the world of esports experienced unprecedented growth last year, but even the esports industry, which was largely able to shift its […]

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The Balancing Test Between Data Privacy and Public Health in a Pandemic

By: Steven Masur and Maria Samson The 2019 novel coronavirus “COVID” has disrupted seemingly every facet of daily life. From closing schools to altering the 9-to-5 workday, the pandemic has made us question constructs that have long been established as “the way it is,” and created a new construct; the way it is now, or […]

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Should Independent Contractors Form Loan-Out Companies, or Not?

By: Steven Masur and Danika Johnson Recently, we wrote an article about Loan-Out companies in which we discussed the advantages for established and early-stage artists alike. However, our clients are reporting trouble getting gigs and getting paid through their loan-out companies.  It seems some agencies now want them to be employees — the same agencies […]

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Client Alert: Don’t Forget Your Year-End Corporate Due Digilence

By: Steven Masur While 2020 is what we can only hope will be a unique year in many respects, in other ways it is just another year. The end of any year presents an opportunity for each of us to take stock of where we are and to resolve to make sure we are living […]

SEC Regulation A+ Recent Update

By: Jon Avidor, Jason Gershenson and Danika Johnson Prior to the 1929 stock market crash, companies and retail investors could freely exchange stock and other securities due to minimal regulation. In the wake of the 1929 crash and resulting Great Depression, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) was created to protect retail investors by limiting […]

Digital, Social Media, OTT Players Should Play the Long Game, and Stop Unnecessarily Exploiting Content Creators

By: Steven Masur and Ilana Faibish Significant revenue is driven by artists, entertainers, and content creators who become recognizable personalities in their own right. But most of the time, these talented people do not actually own the rights to the content they create. Just like the early 1950s rock-n-rollers assigning the rights to their music […]