Founder’s Interview: eBillity

David Mazur interviewed Douglas Dweck cofounder of eBillity as part of our new monthly initiative to interview clients who have achieved breakthrough success.

Take me back to when eBillity got started. How did you get the idea?
Douglas Dweck came from the time tracking industry with deep operational expertise. He noticed that while there were other time tracking solutions that had many useful features, none of them had all of the best features in one application in the cloud and were smartphone accessible.

What made you think this was an idea worth executing on?
It was clear to us that business applications were moving to the cloud and smart devices like iPhones and iPads are becoming a more critical interface to how people work. We felt that if we could offer a compelling and easy to use tool to service professionals at the right price we would have a great business. Murray Hidary’s experience running, the leading job board for IT, led him to believe that people that bill for their time including IT professionals, lawyers, accountants and contractors, would pay for a tool that saved them time and money by making time tracking and billing faster and easier.

How did the cofounders get together, who does what?
The three co -founders grew up together within 2 blocks of each other. Douglas handles the day to day operations of the team while Murray, serial entrepreneur, evangelizes the eBIllity vision and develops new partnerships such as our recent deals with Intuit & Thomson Reuters. David Maleh oversaw the development and launching of the original eBillity application and has now taken a more passive role since his purchase of Blow, a haircare company based in NY’s meat packing district.

What are some of your proudest accomplishments so far?
Our deep integrations with Intuit’s QuickBooks product and Thomson Reuters legal offerings are outstanding. Allowing our customers to capture more billable time makes them more money and that makes us feel great. eBillity has been adopted worldwide and has currently over 37,000 customers who have logged over 50 million hours this year and counting!

What’s eBillity’s vision for the future?
We have a skunkworks project that will allow our elite customers to add a 25th hour to their day. Shh!