New York Virtual Reality Expo (10/26/17) with Hooke Audio, Silver Sound

By: Steve Masur

This coming Thursday, October 26th at 11am ET, Steve Masur will be moderating a panel at the New York Virtual Reality Conference. The panel features CEOs from the professional audio world that are emerging as experts in virtual and augmented reality and its applications. Participants include Anthony Mattana (Founder and CEO of Hooke Audio), Robin Shore (Founding Member and Co-Owner of Silver Sound), Albert Leusink (Independent Audio & Music Professional), and Karim Douaidy (Co-Founder and Creative Director of Chapter Four). The purpose of this panel is to educate attendees on spatial audio and lead a conversation on how content can be experienced.

About the speakers:

Anthony Mattana is the CEO and Co-Founder of Hooke Audio, a spatial audio company with a very unique product offering. Anthony was originally trained as a theatrical sound designer and has worked on Broadway musicals such as King-Kong and Motown.  Anthony will be discussing Hooke Audio’s newest release, Hooke Verse, bluetooth headphones that use binaural microphones to capture 3D audio. Specially placed microphones in the headphones allow an innovative way for you to capture sound as you hear it, allowing you to re-experience moments.

Robin Shore is the Co-Founder of Silver Sound, a post-production sound studio that offers complete audio and video production services. Originally focusing on  on location recording, Robin switched into the world of studio recording and post-production. During the panel, Robin will will draw from his experience at Silver Sound discussing how the company is able to take music videos, narratives and animations from pre-production to post-production in the VR space.

Karim Douaidy is the Co-Founder and creative developer for Chapter Four, which is a full service production company that concentrates in VR, 360 and immersive media. The Chapter Four team is dedicated to the creation of  cinematic and interactive immersive experiences. Currently, they are one of the few companies that has an end-to-end workflow that operates around spacial media.

Albert Leusink is an independent audio and music professional with a bachelors degree in music production and engineering from the Berklee College of Music. Albert has more than 20 years of experience in the media world including music, advertising, radio, television and film. He contributed to numerous  Grammy, Emmy, and Clio nominated projects and has worked with notable clients such as Queen Latifa, Rolex and JetBlue.

If you would like to attend this panel, you can register here.