The AI Copyright Quandary: Originality, Creativity, and the Machine

February 28, 2023/by admin

Attention ALL expats living in the U.S.: Important information for your next entry in the U.S.

January 10, 2023/by Steve Masur

DAOs are the Punk Rock of Corporate Law

June 20, 2022/by Steve Masur

Corporate Formalities: Protecting Your Business’ Assets

June 10, 2022/by Steve Masur

The Importance of Investor Updates

June 8, 2022/by Steve Masur

What to Do To Qualify For QSBS Exemption

January 31, 2022/by Steve Masur

Protecting Your Business from Intellectual Property Theft

October 14, 2021/by Steve Masur

Foreign Qualification and How To Do Business in Other States

July 10, 2021/by Steve Masur

NFTs: Boon or Burden for Artists and Investors?

June 3, 2021/by Steve Masur

The Art & Evaluation of NFTs: Virtual Panel Discussion at Digital Hollywood Spring (5/18/21)

May 25, 2021/by Steve Masur

How To Qualify For QSBS Exemption

May 7, 2021/by Steve Masur

The Impact of the Legalization of Recreational Cannabis in New Jersey

March 11, 2021/by Steve Masur

QSBS: Do I Really Have to Close My LLC and Open a Corp?

March 5, 2021/by Steve Masur

Esports 2021: Business and Legal Issues to Watch

February 11, 2021/by Steve Masur

The Balancing Test Between Data Privacy and Public Health in a Pandemic

January 15, 2021/by Steve Masur

Should Independent Contractors Form Loan-Out Companies, or Not?

November 18, 2020/by Steve Masur

Client Alert: Don’t Forget Your Year-End Corporate Due Digilence

October 27, 2020/by Steve Masur

SEC Regulation A+ Recent Update

October 21, 2020/by Steve Masur

Digital, Social Media, OTT Players Should Play the Long Game, and Stop Unnecessarily Exploiting Content Creators

October 8, 2020/by Steve Masur

Epic Games vs. Apple: A Battle for Control of a New Space

September 11, 2020/by Steve Masur

History of Marijuana Treatment in the United States

August 20, 2020/by Steve Masur

California Opts In for Comprehensive Privacy Protections

July 28, 2020/by Steve Masur

Sync Negotiations: How Much Should You Ask for Your Music?

July 15, 2020/by Steve Masur

Smart Creatives Use Loan-Out Companies

July 8, 2020/by Steve Masur

EARN IT Act & the Crusade Against Encryption

June 15, 2020/by Steve Masur

The Ins and Outs of Qualified Small Business Stock

June 10, 2020/by Steve Masur

Examining the SAFE Banking Act’s Potential Impact on the Cannabis Industry

May 31, 2020/by Steve Masur

Am I More of a C-Corp or an S-Corp?

May 10, 2020/by Steve Masur

Crypto Mom’s SEC Safe Harbor Proposal for New Token Offerings

April 20, 2020/by Steve Masur

COVID-19 and the Force Majeure Clause

April 9, 2020/by Steve Masur

Secretary of State Office Deadlines Update

March 24, 2020/by Steve Masur

How Private Keys Create Flexibility, Security, and Risk within Digital Exchange Platforms

March 4, 2020/by Steve Masur

The Innovative Economy – An Online Educational Series

January 27, 2020/by Steve Masur

Cannabis Advertising Laws: The States’ Way or the Highway

January 22, 2020/by Steve Masur

CES Digital Hollywood 2020

January 6, 2020/by Steve Masur

A Limited Shield of Privacy for New York Residents

November 19, 2019/by Steve Masur

The Hazy Relationship between the FDA and CBD

November 7, 2019/by Steve Masur

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Big Tech and the Coming Antitrust Assault

November 1, 2019/by Steve Masur

LA’s Social Equity Program: Transforming Past Wrongs for a Just Future

October 2, 2019/by Steve Masur

What the FUCT: Can the USPTO Still Deny Your Vulgar or Offensive Mark?

September 23, 2019/by Steve Masur

The CBD’s of Trademarks

September 9, 2019/by Steve Masur

Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act & Cannabis

August 21, 2019/by Steve Masur

The Implications Behind New York’s Decriminalization of Marijuana

August 6, 2019/by Steve Masur

A2IM Indie Week CLE

July 29, 2019/by Steve Masur

Decriminalization in New York: A Half-Baked Measure?

July 11, 2019/by Steve Masur

Blockchain and Insolvency: How Blockchain Can Make Matters Easier for Creditors, Debtors, and Bankruptcy Courts

June 25, 2019/by Steve Masur

Can Blockchain be the Driving Force for Autonomous Vehicles?

May 22, 2019/by Steve Masur

Please Join Us at the Montauk Music Festival

May 15, 2019/by Steve Masur

Is Ethereum a Security?

April 16, 2019/by Steve Masur

Wyoming’s New Frontier for Blockchain and Digital Assets

March 20, 2019/by Steve Masur

FaceCoin: Facebook to Launch a Private Stablecoin for Whatsapp Users

March 13, 2019/by Steve Masur

Steve Masur at Security Token Summit in Bermuda – March 18-19

March 12, 2019/by Steve Masur

Can Roland Claim Trade Dress Protection for its TB-303 and TR-808 Designs?

March 11, 2019/by Steve Masur

Smart Contracts 101 Workshop on Wednesday, Feb 20 Presented by Legal Hackers

February 14, 2019/by Steve Masur

CES 2019: Trends in Technology Cause Regulatory Action For Data and Privacy

January 23, 2019/by Steve Masur

3LD at Sundance Film Festival 2019

January 23, 2019/by Steve Masur

CBD Between the Lines

December 5, 2018/by Steve Masur

Are STOs the New ICOs?

November 28, 2018/by Steve Masur

Choosing Between NQSO and ISO Stock Options for Your Business

October 22, 2018/by Steve Masur

New Sexual Harassment Prevention Laws Are in Effect in New York

October 17, 2018/by Steve Masur

Legally Defining Blockchain

October 10, 2018/by Steve Masur

The Music Modernization Act: Bringing Copyright Law into the Twenty-First Century

October 3, 2018/by Steve Masur

Influencers and Best Practices for Transparent Online Marketing

September 27, 2018/by Steve Masur

Blockchain & The Music Industry: Panel Discussion at the Music Business Association Tech & Law Conference (9/25/18)

September 25, 2018/by Steve Masur

Crowdfunding and Jurisdiction: Tokenizing the World by ICO

August 30, 2018/by Steve Masur

Banking on Blockchain Patents

August 9, 2018/by Steve Masur

Is Blockchain HIPAA Compliant?

July 12, 2018/by Steve Masur

Streamlined Trademark Registration Services

July 11, 2018/by Steve Masur

New Laws Make Malta a Leading Global Innovator in Digital Currency

July 9, 2018/by Steve Masur

GDPR Best Practices: How Companies Adapted to Comply

June 26, 2018/by Steve Masur

49 Shades of Grey: SEC Remarks Bring Some Welcome Crypto Clarity

June 14, 2018/by Steve Masur

Make America [Insert Adjective Here] Again! Why Trademarking Someone Else’s Popular Phrase and the Mad Dash to the USPTO is Trivial

May 29, 2018/by Steve Masur

Blockchain and Smart Contracts in The Music Industry: Panel Discussion at Canadian Music Week (05/09/18)

May 8, 2018/by Steve Masur

Forms of Communication Subject to Regulation & ICO Marketing Collateral

May 1, 2018/by Steve Masur

Why Malta? ICOs and the Application of Extraterritorial SEC Regulations

April 27, 2018/by Steve Masur

U.S. Regulators & Your Cryptocurrency: State Money Transmission Laws

April 20, 2018/by Steve Masur

Legal Alert: Don’t Forget To Pay Your Annual Business Taxes

April 5, 2018/by Steve Masur

CryptoBlockCon in Los Angeles (4/4/18)

April 3, 2018/by Steve Masur

Spotify, a $1.6 Billion Dollar Lawsuit and Music Licensing Laws in the Digital Age

March 29, 2018/by Steve Masur

The SEC, CFTC and Possible Future Of Utility Tokens

March 7, 2018/by Steve Masur

Cyber Days at UCLA (2/17/18) Panel Discussion: Finding the Balance Between Regulation & Innovation

February 14, 2018/by Steve Masur

Social Media Influencers Gaining New Followers – The Federal Trade Commission

February 10, 2018/by Steve Masur

Why Independent Contractor vs. Employee Status Matters

February 7, 2018/by Steve Masur

E.U. General Data Protection Regulation Looms for American Multinational Businesses

January 31, 2018/by Steve Masur

The Chuck E. Cheese Test for Whether a Token is a Security

January 18, 2018/by Steve Masur

Cryptocurrency, the Howey Test, and Munchee’s Guidance on How to Apply it

January 10, 2018/by Steve Masur

The Future of Creativity: Will Art Become Automated? A Panel Discussion at The National Arts Club

January 8, 2018/by Steve Masur

US Regulators & Your Cryptocurrency: It’s Complicated

December 22, 2017/by Steve Masur

CES (1/8/17) Panel Discussion: Top Technology and Entertainment Companies in VR and AR

December 6, 2017/by Steve Masur

Year-End Maintenance for a Healthy Business

November 29, 2017/by Steve Masur

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain and the Future of Finance in Art

November 13, 2017/by Steve Masur

Exploring the Impact of the Blockchain on Music and the Arts

November 2, 2017/by Steve Masur

German American Chamber Of Commerce in New York

October 31, 2017/by Steve Masur

New York Virtual Reality Expo (10/26/17) with Hooke Audio, Silver Sound

October 24, 2017/by Steve Masur

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Series October 10 – Raising Money For Your Startup

October 16, 2017/by Steve Masur

Equity Dilution: Is the Juice Is Worth the Squeeze?

October 2, 2017/by Steve Masur

DMCA Safe Harbor: Protecting Yourself from Copyright Infringement

September 28, 2017/by Steve Masur

The Pitfall of Trademark Genericide: When Household Names and Brands Collide

July 12, 2017/by Steve Masur

Was Silicon Valley “Bro Culture” to Blame for Uber CEO’s Resignation?

July 6, 2017/by Steve Masur

Trademark Case Roundup

June 29, 2017/by Steve Masur

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Series : How to Hire the Right Tech Team

June 22, 2017/by Steve Masur

Disparaging Trademark or Reclaimed Slur? The Supreme Court Weighs In Matal v. Tam

June 21, 2017/by Steve Masur

History of Marijuana Treatment in the United States

June 10, 2017/by Steve Masur

Digital Hollywood

May 22, 2017/by Steve Masur

Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Series at WeWork Soho

May 19, 2017/by Steve Masur

Benefit Corporations and Purpose-Driven Commerce

May 12, 2017/by Steve Masur

What’s the Point of New York’s LLC Publication Requirement?

April 27, 2017/by Steve Masur

A Virtual Reality Check – Oculus v. ZeniMax: Applying Copyright Law to VR

April 17, 2017/by Steve Masur

“Cannabusiness” in the U.S.

March 27, 2017/by Steve Masur

(Trade)Marking Your Territory

March 23, 2017/by Steve Masur

I’ve Seen the Future, and It’s Voice Activated

March 20, 2017/by Steve Masur

App Promotion Summit NYC – April 6th

March 9, 2017/by Steve Masur

New York Takes a Chance on a Game of Skill

March 6, 2017/by Steve Masur

You, Me, and 83(b)

February 8, 2017/by Steve Masur

CES Las Vegas

January 11, 2017/by Steve Masur

Legal Alert for Online Service Providers

December 13, 2016/by Steve Masur

Founders Roundtable

November 21, 2016/by Steve Masur

The Name of the Game is the Name Game

November 18, 2016/by Steve Masur

Tax Benefits of Start Up NY

October 23, 2016/by Steve Masur

New Business Models for Streaming Music Services? I Choose Local Radio

July 23, 2016/by Steve Masur

The Y of VR

June 23, 2016/by Steve Masur

Failure to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act may cost your company millions

May 9, 2014/by Steve Masur

Founder’s Interview: eBillity

December 12, 2012/by Steve Masur

Forbes: Leading Venture Lawyer Reveals Best Education Investments Now

September 10, 2012/by Steve Masur

“Reveal Day” and new gTLD’s: a prelude to the changing face of the internet

June 13, 2012/by Steve Masur

The Dish’s Hopper: customer choice or copyright infringement?

June 12, 2012/by Steve Masur


June 7, 2012/by Steve Masur

Encouraging entrepreneurship and economic development in the United States

May 31, 2012/by Steve Masur

Is the end of ClearQAM near?

April 19, 2012/by Steve Masur

Should Mark Zuckerberg close his Facebook account in the wake of the Viacom v. YouTube decision?

April 18, 2012/by Steve Masur

Business Law Advice: How will the JOBS Act affect startups?

March 14, 2012/by Steve Masur

Digital Media Experts: The Problem Of Attribution in Internet Media

March 14, 2012/by Steve Masur

Report from the Transmission Global Summit Innovation Camp

March 10, 2012/by Steve Masur

FCC’s Connect to Compete Initiative

March 10, 2012/by Steve Masur

Business Law Advice: Benefit Corporations for the Socially Conscientious Company

February 29, 2012/by Steve Masur

Celebrity Branding Deals: Harman Audio Inks Big Celebrity Endorsements

February 23, 2012/by Steve Masur

Summary of ACTA

February 2, 2012/by Steve Masur

Megaupload Saga Continues…

January 20, 2012/by Steve Masur

Summary of SOPA and PIPA

January 18, 2012/by Steve Masur

Failure to comply with the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act may cost your company millions

December 1, 2011/by Steve Masur